VeVe Lane: Female Wrestler, Petite Powerhouse   Session Wrestling Reviews  

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6/22/2012: "Great father's day present. Got a session with VeVe while she was in phoenix. Read the reviews. They're all true - she's strong for her size, great endurance, fast, scrappy, great wrestling skills.

Im about 5ft 7, 210lbs, good wrestling skill, fair endurance, although havent worked out in about a year and havent wrestling anyone in about 6 months. Ones I did wrest were bigger than VeVe, mostly bodybuilders.. So my session with her was a good chance to see how I would do.

Our session started out and I quicky saw how fast she was, always on offense, always moving, never giving you time to rest. Most of about half of the hour session was on defense trying to fight her off with some offense [I could get her in holds, but too worn out to do anything]. The second half, my power to resist her gave out and I submitted twice to choke holds and once to an armbar. Her quickness and endurance was the most Id had ever seen. Id wrestled others before, but at a slower pace and had beaten most of them, but VeVe was something I had never met before and it showed my weakness mainly endurance. Hope to wrestle her in the future. Until then if I want to do a better job against VeVe or anyone else like I need too improve to have any chance. So guys she is the real deal strong, fast, great endurance great wrestling skills, so be prepared to lose unless you have her same skills which I done have presently

- JF"

6/10/2012: "I had a terrific time yesterday; your were fantastic! That was really a great afternoon. I am sore and bruised from knees to neck but I feel wonderful; thank you!

While I obviously have no clue what I am doing, it really is a lot of fun to be able to give it my all (at least until my arms feel like jello) and it not phase you one bit nor have any effect on the outcome...I absolutely loved that! I really can't image there are many session wrestlers where that is truly the case; your skill, speed, strength and stamina are beyond amazing. And it is just as fun to kinda submit and let you weave those ropes in an unbelievable fashion; those were the most unique bondage positions I have ever been in. And thanks for the wardrobe selections; you looked terrific. I already can't wait for our next adventure.

Well, the twisted monk ropes were not sitting by my door when I got home but I suspect they will show up soon. I will send them out as soon as they arrive.

Thanks again for an absolutely fun session, I can't imagine a better way to spend an afternoon.


12/2011: "I had a G R E A T time yesterday; thank you! I am bruised, battered, and beaten and I love it.

It has been a long time since I have anticipated a session as much as I did this one and an even longer time since I have enjoyed a session as much as I enjoyed this you. You were totally terrific. Your skill, speed, and strength are amazing; you looked fantastic and your teasing and tormenting were unbelievable!!! Oh yeah, you also have very sexy legs and feet :) I know I have had a really special session when I can't remember much about what we talked about during the session; my brain slips somewhere else. I hope I was at least speaking coherently.

Your rope skills are really great. I have been with many professional dommes who are nowhere near as good as you at restraint. If you agree, I definitely want to have another session. I also liked that little challenge idea that you mentioned sometime during the session, that, for me, really would add to the domination. We just need a good bet.

Thank you again, that really was a special session. -R"

9/09: "I followed my usual pattern by beginning with some semi-comp. She is small, but her quickness and clever transition moves allow her to handle far larger opponents with ease. Her dedication to training really shows in her ability to hold you off and wait you out until she finds her opportunity to go in for the kill. Her stamina is phenomenal. You can get on top of her, but you won't be there for very long.

I have always liked the sensation of big ladies out muscling me into submissions. VeVe has educated me to LOVE the way that a smaller woman can efficiently employ superior technique and intelligence to achieve the same result. Don't miss out on this thrill if you have never experienced it!

After forty minutes of being completely controlled by her, I decided to take a break. While I rested the wiry, athletic, grappling girl transformed herself into a lingerie clad scissor goddess. The look might have changed, but the same impressive skills remained. She knew exactly where and how to apply the pressure. No quick squeeze and tap outs with VeVe. She will hold you right at your limit for as long as you can take it. ...And just in case you think that I am saying that she isn't strong, book her and see for yourself. When you need time to catch your breath, she will engage you with her captivating wit that the other testimonials here on the WB 270 have touched upon.

She finished my session with a role play fantasy segment that perfectly completed her unique display of astonishing athleticism and cunning charm. You won't find a better blend of wiry athleticism and exquisite femininity.

8/08: "And I thought I would have a chance against this young lady as I am much bigger. Well I was totally wrong, as this young lady is not only strong, she is very quick and technically very skillful. I was on the defense for the entire session and never got her in any hold that I could have made her submit. Plus she is fun, easy to chat with and darn cute. Don't miss her when she comes to your area. "

7/08: "What struck me when I first arrived was how beautiful and intelligent VeVe was....We decided to wrestle submission style rather than trying to simply go for a pin; boy was that a mistake for me! Velvetier immediately began working to get me on the ground. I realized then just how strong a woman she was. She got me to the ground and worked her body around mine and what I thought would be a headlock turned out to be my first submission...All in all VelVe was one of the very best women that I have ever wrestled. It was fun to be the victim of her power even though I gave it my best effort to win in each case. She is all the qualities of the ultimate woman all wrapped up in one; beauty, intelligence and a superior athlete."

10/07: "I recently had the pleasure of wrestling one of N.Y.C.'s Doom Maidens, Vetiver Lane. This pretty sweetheart of a gal is probably pound for pound the toughest female I have ever gone to the mats against. I have had over 20 sessions. Lean, strong and skilled in brazilian jiujutsu she outfought me despite my 6" and nearly 50 pound advantage. She won two submissions to my none when I got the bright idea of doing pin style wrestling. That proved a mistake as I spent a solid ten minutes struggling, sweating and laughing only to have Vetiver pin me when I ran out of steam.... Bottom line here: Great girl, great fun, a slightly bruised male ego and of course, I can't wait to take her on again... She's a Blast" - J. Murphy

11/07: "Yes the session was interresting, like a personal bbj training session, I even learned a couple of holds.
What impressed me most is her strength, I could feel her muscles as we shook hands! her body scissor is very hard
to resist, too bad we didn't try the reverse head one, she is obviously gifted with great muscle quality. I don't know if she follows a professional weight training program and
diet but she has an unique potential, and no just in upper body, it's usual to be prouder of the upper body but I can tell you that her legs, in this instance, would be an even stronger argument.
She did some nice moves and I tapped out more than once, she could have really use her advantage and take control of the session, unleashing her cruel side ! I'm sure she can. But she probably needs to get used to the person before, I understand it's hard when you meet someone or the first time. I remember her as a very kind person, very respectful and with a huge potential.
Bye" - P

03/06: "At the end of the Doom Maidens wrestling event in NYC I got the chance to wrestle against Vetiver Lane. Firstly, this was after a brutal weekend of wrestling in which Vetiver had faced the likes of Kassidy from London in all out competitive submission grappling. Despite this, she still wanted to go at it with me 100%. There is no such thing as less than total effort for her. She is very athletic, technical and skilled. I'm in good shape and I put up a decent fight , bet Vetiver always seemed to end up a step ahead. After a long struggle, she locked down on me in an arm bar forcing me to submit. This girl is a true treasure, a real sweetheart of of a person and a Hellcat on the mats. She loves to wrestle and there is not one ounce of quit in her. If you're looking for a 100% competitive wrestling session against a well-respected highly skilled fighter you can't go wrong with Vetiver Lane. Whole-heartedly recommended!" - J.S.

[On belly punching]: "Four days later and I'm still quite tender. I've been poppin' a lot of asprin the last few days. Vetiver beat me pretty good. She has a great punch. Damn hard, but not too hard. She landed a lot of very hard punches right on my belly button. I could tell she took great joy in sinking her fist into me. Towards the end of the session, my extremities were beginning to tingle a bit. All the punches were taking their toll. I think Vetiver was a pretty good match for what I could take. It was exactly what I was looking for." - E. (c) 2009-2010 VeVe Lane